Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering

Laboratory for Atmospheric Research

Summary of LAR Curriculum

Expand Me  CE 341: Introduction to Environmental Engineering

Offered: Fall/Spring
Prereq: Chem 105
Instructor: Jobson
Note: Split with Water / Required for all CE students

  • Atmospheric Structure & Composition
  • Temperature & Energy Balance
  • Greenhouse Gases and Global Warming
  • Geoengineering
  • Criteria Air Pollutants & Photochemical Smog
  • Pollution Control Devices
  • Box Modeling and Plume Modeling

Expand Me  CE 401: Climate Change Science & Engineering

Offered: Spring
Prereq: Math 172, Phys 201, Chem 105
Instructor: Mount/Lamb

  • Earth's Climatic History
  • Solar Effects
  • Global Energy Balance
  • Greenhouse Gases
  • Anthropogenic Climate Change
  • Climate Models- Evaluation and Constraints
  • Projecting Climate
  • Adaptation and Mitigation
  • Sustainable Development and Waste Management
  • Public Policy Options

Expand Me  CE 402/502: Applied Meteorology

Offered: Fall
Prereq: Math 172, Phys 201, or Comparable Courses
Instructor: Liu

  • Atmospheric structure
  • Thermodynamics
  • Winds and dynamics
  • Synoptic weather systems
  • Boundary layer meteorology
  • Weather and the built environment
  • Weather and air quality
  • Climatology and global change

Expand Me  CE 403/503: Air Quality Management

Offered: Spring
Prereq: CE 402/502, Chem 105
Instructor: VanReken
Note: Fulfills Design Requirements

  • Causes, Sources, & Effects of Air Pollution
  • Regulatory Basis & Management Approaches
  • Monitoring Air Quality
  • Gaussian Plume Models
  • Lagrangian Box Models
  • Control of Pollutant Gases
  • Particulate Control
  • Mobile Sources

Expand Me  CE 415/515: Environmental Measurements

Offered: Fall
Prereq: CE 341, ENGL 402, Certification
Instructor: Jobson
Note: Split with Water / Fulfills Lab Requirement

  • EPA Criteria Pollutants
  • Theory of Air Pollution Measurements
  • Labs with Several Instruments
  • Flowmeters
  • CO, SO2, NOx, Ozone
  • PM2.5, PM10 (w/ TEOM)
  • Met data

Expand Me  CE 540: Instrumental Analysis of Environmental Contaminants

Offered: Spring (odd-numbered years)
Prereq: CE 415/515
Instructor: Jobson/Mount

  • Fundamentals of Spectroscopy
  • Spectrometer Designs
  • General Principles of Chromatography
  • Applications to Atmospheric Measurements
  • Sampling System Design
  • Principles of Mass Spectrometry
  • Ionization Methods
  • Mass Spec Designs
  • TDL, DOAS, and LiF Systems

Expand Me  CE 543: Special Topics in Atmospheric Science

Offered: Spring
Prereq: Graduate standing and permission of instructor
Instructor: Varies
Note: Offered each year as an advanced topics course for senior grad students.

Expand Me  CE 588: Atmospheric Turbulence and Air Pollution Modeling

Offered: Spring (even-numbered years)
Prereq: CE 403/503
Instructor: Lamb

  • Boundary Layer Meteorology
  • Structure & Stability
  • Atmospheric Turbulence
  • Boundary Layer Similarity Theory
  • Atmospheric Conservation Equation Set
  • Advanced Chemical Transport Modeling
  • Mesoscale meteorological modeling
  • Community Multi-scale Air Quality Model
  • Numerical Methods
  • Chemical mechanisms, cloud processes, deposition
  • Model Sensitivity and Evaluation Analysis
  • Model Applications

Expand Me  CE 589: Atmospheric Chemistry and Physical Processes

Offered: Fall (odd-numbered years)
Prereq: Graduate standing and permission of instructor
Instructor: Jobson

  • Atmospheric Structure, Composition, and Pressure
  • Transport and Simple Models
  • Origin of the Atmosphere & Biogeochemical Cycles
  • Solar Radiation & Photolysis Rates
  • Gas Phase Chemistry & Reaction Kinetics
  • Stratospheric Chemistry & the Ozone Hole
  • Tropospheric Chemistry
  • Acid Rain & Aqueous Chemistry
  • Marine Boundary Layer & Halogen Chemistry
  • Climate Change & Atmospheric Chemistry
  • Field Research Instrumentation

Expand Me  CE 590: Spectroscopy and Radiative Transfer in the Atmosphere

Offered: Fall (even-numbered years)
Prereq: Graduate standing and permission of instructor
Instructor: Mount

  • Basic Properties of Radiation & the Atmosphere
  • Molecular Physics
  • The Radiative Transfer Equation
  • Scattering Processes
  • Radiation and Climate

Expand Me  CE 591: Aerosol Dynamics & Chemistry

Offered: Spring (even-numbered years)
Prereq: Graduate standing and permission of instructor
Instructor: VanReken

  • Particle Size Distributions
  • Aerosol Thermodynamics
  • Particle Dynamics and Mass Transfer
  • Aerosol Population Dynamics
  • Inorganic Aerosol Chemistry
  • Carbonaceous Aerosols
  • Hygroscopic Properties & CCN Activity
  • Optical Properties
  • Aerosol Climate Effects

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