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LAR Supports "Smart City" Research in Spokane

Dec 6, 2017: A public-private-university collaboration between WSU, Avista, the City of Spokane and others seeks to study urban air pollution using innovative technologies in order to improve the health of local citizens. LAR professor Von Walden will lead the WSU component of the research effort. In the study, sensors will be attached to streetlights at various locations within Spokane to capture real-time, fine-scale information about air quality. Data collected from the network of sensors will give greater understanding to how pollution varies by location and through time within the city. Potential applications include development of an alert system that could warn people about where harmful levels of pollution may be concentrated within the city. View article

Meet Shelley Pressley: LAR Alumna, Professor, and WSU's Director of Undergraduate Research

Sept 21, 2016: Voiland College Associate Research Professor Shelley Pressley discusses her love of research, teaching, and role as WSU's director of undergraduate research. View article

LAR News Spotlight

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