Northwest International Air Quality Environmental Science and Technology Consortium


Soils Database for Wind Erosion/Windblown Dust

Comprehensive Multi-Scale Database of Soil Stratum Properties for Regional Environmental Quality Modeling

The USDA-NRCS STATSGO regional soil database can provide generalized soil information for regional-scale modeling, planning and management of soil and water conservation, and assessment of environmental quality. However, the data available in STATSGO can not be readily extracted nor parameterized to support regional environmental quality modeling. Therefore, each user must individually and repeatedly process existing data in STATSGO to obtain the necessary soil properties. In order to develop a comprehensive database for use in modeling and assessing regional soil and water resources and environmental quality across the eight western United States (WA, OR, CA, ID, NV, UT, MT, WY), we aggregated existing soil properties in STATSGO from 19,681 soil polygons/map units of the eight states as well as estimated soil properties based upon quantitative relationships among existing soil properties. The soil database comprises 3910 map units, with each map unit defined by 10 soil layers and each layer characterized by 31 soil physical, chemical and hydraulic properties. Additional parameters which are not included in the database can be readily derived based upon the properties provided by our database. In addition, our database was gridded to 1-km and 12-km resolution cells for application to grid-based environmental models such as WEPS and AIRPACT-3, which respectively simulate wind erosion and transport of atmospheric pollutants.

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