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Laboratory for Atmospheric Research

LAR students   LAR students studying atmospheric turbulence

LAR Students

Jinshu Chi (
B.S., Safety Engineering, China University of Mining and Technology (Beijing)
Ph.D., in progress

Matt Erickson (
B.S., Civil and Environmental Engineering from Washington State University
Ph.D. topic: Diesel engine emissions as a contributor to secondary organic aerosol formation

Celia Faiola (
B.S. Chemistry: biochemistry specialization, Central Washington University
B.S. Biology, Teaching, Central Washington University
Ph.D. topic: Formation and chemical characterization of biogenic secondary organic aerosol

Zhongming Gao (
B.S., Atmospheric Sciences, Lanzhou University, China
Ph.D., in progress

Yulong Ma (
B.S., Atmospheric Sciences, Peking University, China
M.S. Boundary Layer Meteorology, Peking University, China
Ph.D., in progress

Tsengel Nergui (
B.S./M.S., Meteorology, National University of Mongolia
Ph.D. Thesis Topic: Source attribution and impact of climate variability on nitrogen deposition

Vikram Ravi (
B.S. and M.S., Physics, University of Delhi, India
M.Tech., Environmental Engineering & Management: IIT Kanpur, India
Ph.D., in progress

Eric Russell (
B.S., Meteorology, Valparaiso University
M.S., Agricultural Meteorology, Iowa State University
Ph.D., in progress

Claudia Toro (
B.S., Chemistry, University of Chile
M.S., Engineering Science, Michigan Technological University
Ph.D. Thesis Topic: Evaluation of photoactive roads as an air quality management strategy

Natalie Wagenbrenner (
B.S., Biological Engineering, University of Missouri
M.S., Biological Systems Engineering, Washington State University
Ph.D. topic: Numerical modeling of wind flow and scalar transport and dispersion in complex terrain

Sarah Waldo (
B.A., Environmental Science, Chemistry Concentration, Colorado College
Undergraduate Thesis Topic: Monoterpene emissions from Colorado ponderosa pines
Ph.D. Thesis Topic: Measuring greenhouse gas fluxes over wheat cropping systems in the Pacific Northwest using micrometeorological techniques

Will Wallace (

Miao Wen (
B.S., Environmental Engineering, Nanjing University
Ph.D., in progress

Kara Yedinak (
Ph.D. Thesis Topic: Evaluation and sensitivity analysis of a coupled fire behavior-atmosphere model (WRF-FIRE)

Qian Zhou (
B.S., Biological Science, Huazhong Agricultural University
M.S., Microbiology, Shandong University
Ph.D., in progress, Engineering Science, Washington State University

Qiurui Zhu (
B.S., Geophysics, University of Science and Technology of China, China
Ph.D., in progress

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